Skyrim Remastered, Is It Worth It?

As you probably noticed, Skyrim is the talk of the Internet… again. Well, to be fair it’s mostly talk of the gaming part of the Internet but it just so happens that that is exactly the part that were interested in, right? If you know, Skyrim got rereleased some time ago as improved, remastered special edition. After playing with it for some time I decided to write about it and help you decide whether or not you should get this game for yourself.


If you’ve never played scarab before the answer is a big yes. You may stop reading right here, there’s nothing else to say. It’s a great game, it’s a fantastic action adventure (even though it labels itself mostly as an RPG) and it will give you hundreds of hours of pure enjoyment.


But what if you already played the game? Should you reacquire it? Well, that may depend on a couple of factors.

  • If you’ve played it on a previous generation console like Xbox 360 and you want to get it for your Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you may want to think through. If you’ve already spent a great amount of time on this game, if you’ve already “finished” it inexperienced most of the content it had to offer back in the day, then I would say no, do not get this game again. Why? Because it’s exactly the same game that it was. This is literally a remaster, nothing more. The only thing different in this game is texture quality and lightning effects, at least those are the ones that are notable unless you really, really are trying to find the differences and compared the versions.



  • If you’ve only got like a couple dozen hours of Skyrim, then you might get this for yourself. It is almost certain that new graphics will appeal to your taste more than those of the previous game. Having all downloadable content available is also a great deal and will undoubtedly provide you with at least 20 to 30 more hours of fun. Getting this if you’ve only “dipped” yourself in the previous game and liked what you got during that time is probably the best thing you can do to satisfy your gaming habits.


Now what I would like to point out is that if you happen to be a PC gamer and you’ve been playing this on your computer instead, there is absolutely no need for you to buy the Special Edition of the game and here’s why. First off, if you’re playing this on your computer that means you’re playing it on Steam (either that or you’ve illegally acquired the game online, which would be a total d*ck move on your side). If you’re playing on steam chances are you’ve already grabbed the Legendary Edition. The trick here is that everybody who had Legendary Edition prior to games Special Edition’s release date actually get one for free. Yeah, go check your library, it’s there if you had Legenday. However if you didn’t have it, there’s actually nothing special about this edition. Everything can be achieved and made much better through a couple of community made mods in your game will even look better than the official release.

This is aimed towards console users and is just an attempt to cash in with an old successful and minorly tweaked product.


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