Cuphead – A Love Letter to 1930’s Era Cartoons

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If you haven’t heard about the Cuphead, perhaps it’s for the better. Pretty much everyone who saw this game instantly fell in love with it, myself included. Now the game itself is nothing really special. It’s an old-school run and gun boss rush game with a little bit of platforming added to it.

What’s so special about this game and why this game has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam and why it’s been so widely accepted across all the other platforms as well doesn’t actually have that much to do with the way the game plays. In fact, people are finding this game to be one of the most frustrating due to its unforgiving, old-school difficulty level.

However, this game is absolutely amazing if we take a look at its aesthetics. It’s been hand-drawn like the cartoons were used to be. It features watercolor drawn backgrounds with animated sprites moving around it while the radio recorded jazz music plays in the background.

To anyone who has ever watched any of the old cartoons made by Technicolor or Disney, this game is immediately going to pose a striking resemblance to those. And that’s because it’s exactly what the game tries to do.



However, despite its childishly drawn backgrounds and silly animations, do not make a mistake of taking this game lightly. Comparisons have already been made comparing it to Dark Souls. There are already all different kinds of compilations online of people raging while playing the game. Many agree that the game is unfair or ridiculously challenging for an average player gets all of this seems to somehow contribute to the game’s popularity. Everybody seems to be liking this game!

And I for one believe that it’s justified. There is an incredible amount of boss fights in this game all of which have been very well thought out. From the background in music to a design of a boss, everything seems to fit. Of course, none of this is important as the behavior and phases that these enemies are going through as you are battling them. It would really be too much to talk about all of them here so I suggest you look for a detailed review on YouTube if you’re interested.

If the games difficulty proves to be too much for you to handle, you can always invite a buddy to help you with it. Thanks to the local multiplayer mod, you can enjoy this game with one of your friends, however, the game cannot be played online. I’m not particularly sure what the developers optioned for this approach but I can bet that it has something to do with the game’s nature. Since it’s a very fast game, it would be extremely complicated to write a stable net code that wouldn’t make whoever’s playing with you be at a disadvantage due to the latency.

All in all, if this does sound interesting to you, if you like a challenging gameplay and you are old enough to remember the cartoons of old, give Cuphead a try. Even better, if you have a friend who also happens to be as hard-core as you are, I can think of a better way to share a keg of beer and spend some quality time while also trying to overcome this incredibly challenging game together.

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