About Me

I’m a professional gamer earning $4300 a month for playing video games…

Yeah right, that’s not how it is. Truth is I’m just a guy like you (even tho you might be a girl! I’m still a guy like you!) enjoying video games for pleasure, not for money (tho I still would not mind those $4300 a month :|)

I play a lot, I have a lot on my mind therefore I option for this blog. Is to write reviews on Steam, expressing how I felt about certain games but eventually I wanted to write more than just game reviews so, on this blog you may find honest thoughts about certain video games, my opinion and reasons about why I dislike or like certain aspects of certain games so if that sounds interesting to you you’re welcome to tag along though, I warn you, I’m not a professional writer or journalist, I’m not even a native English speaker yet I choose this language simply because of the fact that we’re on the Internet. Still here? High, I’m Bobby, pleased to meet you!