PC Games to Play With Friends #3

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My topics on popular PC games are easily one of your favorites am constantly being asked to write more and feature some newer games for you to play. That’s exactly what I’m going to do right now. With so many games being released lately, it’s going to be hard to pick just a couple of them but, I promise that I will do my best to feature only quality content here.

Divinity: Original Sin (and Divinity: Original Sin 2)

If you love computer RPG games you owe it to yourself to play Divinity: Original Sin. This is a masterpiece, shortly put. What makes the game so good is that it actually does role-playing very well. Your characters personality, their gear as well is their attributes are all taken into account when not just fighting enemies but also when dealing with NPC characters.

So how does the game handle multiplayer, more specifically cooperative play?

In the first game you play as a pair of Source Hunters investigating a mysterious murder of counselor Jake. Source is the powerful essencee that Sourcerers use to fuel their magic. It’s an ancient forbiddent form of magic that our two heroes are swort to root out from the world. The sequel is somewhat different and much more dynamic but, let’s not get into that right now.

What makes the game so good is that each of these characters are controlled either by you or your friend. You to don’t have to agree on pretty much anything. You can choose to support one another or you can argue about everything and see who’s making more sense. You can even kill one another!

Of course, this will distract you from your primary goal but, the game does allow it as well as many other things. And that’s what makes this game great alongside with the lack of handholding and the absence of quest pointers.

It is a co-op game that encourages exploration and experimentation in so many different aspects. It is truly a traditional computer RPG game modernized and done right and it serves as a reminder for other game developers that games can be both complex and fun at the same time.

Definitely give this one a try if you like RPG games!




Pretty much everyone likes soccer. It is the world’s most famous sports and definitely the one that people invest the most money into. Videogame industry is not spared from this aspect of marketing either. While FIFA 18 does suffer from some terrible marketing and he desperately tries to justify selling overpriced you makes through the game itself to the player, you don’t really have to worry about it. Of course, you can cheat the game and grab free coins, points and FCC’s but to be completely honest with you, you really have to do it.

If you’re looking for something to play with your friends, you can just forget about coins, points and other nonsense that this game is trying to sell you. You don’t even have to work for it, simply disregard the fact that it even exists and go straight for the exhibition match and see why this game is as popular as it is today.

It is a fine example of purely competitive gameplay done 100% right and made so that even the people who are not even into video games can’t look away and act like they’re not interested since it’s soccer after all and we all love soccer.

And that’s it for now guys, those are two of the newest co-op and multiplayer games that I would recommend you to check out if you’re looking for something new to pass the time. I will continue writing about this once I find out about new games that may potentially interest you.

PC Games to Play With Friends #2

The last time I covered this topic the feedback was very positive. In fact it was surprisingly positive and I haven’t really expected it to be so well received. So, when something succeeds like the last article about co-op gaming is the logical thing to do would be to make another one. After all, I did promise to touch on this subject sooner or later again so, here goes.


NBA 2K17

Last time I finished with a sports game but this time I decided to kick it off with one such as that.

It doesn’t really matter how much you are into sports or how much you’re not them. It doesn’t really matter if you’re playing a realistic game or some crazy fantasy that defines absolutely every law of physics that is known to mankind as long as the game is fun.

I’m saying this because I for one am not a fan of sport games but at a same time I absolutely love kicking it off with friends in NBA 2K17 (as of recently)!

The games just fine, as simple as that. There is no philosophy behind it, no complex game mechanics or story to uncover, no. It is as simple as it gets, a game of basketball.

nba 2k17 lakers

If I had to compare it to FIFA, I’d say this one is a much faster game that relies heavily on reflexes and reaction while simultaneously making you come up with one strategy after another. Speaking of FIFA, NBA 2K17 has a similar in game purchase mechanics and it can take you a while until you get what you want so to save you some time and enable you to jump straight into the frying pan with your friends I found a way to easily get as many VC coins as you need with a simple online generator. Visit http://dunkjunkie.com/nba-2k17-locker-codes/ for the hack itself as well as in-depth explanation on how to use it.



Well this game is technically still in its early access state, it is completely enjoyable.

I have a feeling like I’ve neglected my RPG loving fans in this game seems like a good way to redeem myself in your eyes.

There are a couple of things that are great about Crawl

  • you can get it for $15 on Steam
  • game supports up to four players and local co-op
  • you can play it with a keyboard and controllers at the same time
  • any kind of controller work since the game only needs two buttons and two analogue sticks
  • you can probably run it on a Pentium
  • is absolutely and ridiculously fun

screenshot from the crawl game


In this game you take control of a hero trying to escape a complex of dungeons filled to the brim with deadly traps and even done their monsters. Now, if you thought this was a game of friendship and jolly cooperation, you’re wrong. The monsters and traps that I just mentioned are controlled by none other in your friends and they are very motivated to kill you because whoever gets to land the killing blowing you will become the next hero.

One moment you’ll be working with the people around you to take down a hero and if you succeed the tables will be turned and they will all be against you all of a sudden. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well to add some depth to the game let’s say that it has around 30 different monsters with unique attacks and skills while at the same time providing hero with a very rich choice of weapons to choose from that will enhance and define his play style even further. Now add some trinkets, special abilities and attributes to spice it all up and you should have a pretty decent idea of what Crawl is all about.

Definitely give it a try if you like dungeon crawling. And do not be fooled by its seemingly cheap design because this pixel art is one of the best I have ever seen in my entire life and believe me when I say that I have seen a lot of them!

PC Games to Play With Friends

I get this one a lot. I’m frequently asked if I know any good games that are multiplayer and can be played as a local co-op or multiplayer. Frankly speaking there are a lot of games like that and it’s kind of puzzling to me how come that nobody is aware of them. Multiplayer has always been a big part of gaming and to me, it was a huge part of both gaming and growing up as I used to play games with my friends when we had free time. In fact, some of my most fond childhood memories are actually those of playing games with my friends and brother. We used to have so much fun in front of the old TV. For those reasons exactly I want to help others experience local co-op and multiplayer gaming in general as best as I can so, here are some of the best new and old cooperation games to play with your friends and family.



Portal 2

Many people save this one for the last and for those exact reasons I’m going to put it first on my list. It is highly likely that you’ve heard about it by now and it’s even possible as you’ve already played it, unaware of its co-op potential which is, fairly speaking, what sold the game the most.

I’m talking about Portal 2. This game is just genial! I’ve played through it so many times that I’ve lost count of it. I remember the first time when I played it with my brother and then sometime after I played it with my friend. It didn’t even feel old even though my memory was slowly coming back to me and I mostly knew solutions to the puzzles, but then we discovered the community maps which offered endless supply of cooperation joy.


If you’re unaware of the game you must’ve been living under a rock. It’s one of the most iconic games of our time. Developed by Valve, the same guys who developed and published Half-Life 2 games (I’m not even going to assume that you are unaware of Half-Life titles), Portal 2 is one of the most successful and most enjoyable co-op games ever made.

The aim of the game is to place a set of portals with a loop off entry-exit point in order to overcome so many types of obstacles and dangers throughout your “course”. I say course because you play as a pair of robots who are test subjects to a very intelligent artificial intelligence obsessed with science, progress and testing. It is also completely deprived of any empathy and regard for any kind of living being so you may expect quite a number of dark humor jokes.

Suffice to say, if you haven’t played this game and it so happens that you have somebody to play it with, go get it. Go get it right now and thank me later for this will possibly be your best co-operational experience ever. That’s all I’ll say about Portal 2 even though I could write volumes.


FIFA17 (and probably PES)

I bet you haven’t saw this coming! Yeah, who would’ve thought that I was actually a football fan, right? Truth be told, I’m not, I am not by any means a football fan. In fact I do not even like to watch any kind of support unless perhaps some major eSports event with a couple of friends while having a beer.

Now, even though I do not generally enjoy sports in real life I have to admit that I found FIFA17 very addictive and insanely enjoyable when played with friends.

It was never my decision to download and play a football themed game but a friend of mine insisted that I play with them and that I should just download it from the Internet. Of course I didn’t do this and instead bought the full FIFA17 game from Origin just to play it for a couple of hours with a friend (yeah, I know it’s stupid but my friend was going through a very difficult time and I did that to cheer him up and I would do it again).

We play for a couple of matches and I’m like “hey this is not bad!” while pretending to actually enjoy the game. After a couple more matches I’m like “OMG this is not bad at all. This is great!” only this time around, there was no pretending.


The game is very competitive but at the same time very optional. You can play just for fun or to prove that you are the supreme player among your friends!

To my surprise I even tried playing this game in a single player mode I was simply hooked on a way that this game tells the story of a young football player trying to make it to the top. It is just as playing some RPG game where your choices define who you are in the end and how the story will unfold for you. It’s pretty impressive and I was hooked up very fast with the way that they’ve incorporated storytelling and decision-making into freaking sports game! It was so good that I used FIFA17 coin generator just to make the as best team as possible and max out my stats so I can easily progress with the story (because obviously, I’m not that good at sports games since this is my first one ever). Now my proudest confession but that doesn’t really matter, what I’m trying to say is that it’s a good game and that it completely absorbed me.

If you’re having some kind of prejudice for football games and are generally not enjoying sports in real life just like myself, do not hesitate to try a football game when your friend asks you to because, believe me, it’s not about football, it’s not about support it’s about playing with your friends and football is something that many people like. So even if your friend is not a gamer he may occasionally enjoy a match of a game that is football themed even if they don’t usually game. Because of that, be open minded and try to play a game with your friends even if it’s not what you would usually consider playing om your own.


For now these two should suffice and  provide you with more than enough fun and action for both you and your friends. I’ll definitely continue with this post about cooperation games in the future, but for now, honestly I’m just feeling really, really tired and I need a good night sleep. Until next time, stay cooperative!